The Choir Invisible is a pop band based in Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by books, films and catchy indie-pop, the band played under the name Theatre Royal until late in 2010. Back with a new lineup and even more glamorous name, it's time to get the suits back from the dry cleaners.

"When we sit down to write, it tends to be about the past, about escape and about a kind of cinematic romance," says guitarist Felix LeMans, not his real name. "We want to create our own world through our songs, or at least try.

"I'm very inspired by not listening to music, and by my inability to play."

The band released a split single on Dufflecoat Records as well as a self published debut EP, 'Hundreds and Thousands', in November 2012. Currently preparing for a host of live shows in Ireland and the UK for 2013.

-* Praise for The Choir Invisible *-

"They're right up there with The Smiths, Bowie, Pulp and Roy Orbison... what a fucking band. The Choir Invisible make Scott Walker sound like a Leeds United charity single" -Brian Clough (1935-2004)

"Socialism you can dance to" -Robert Tressell (1870-1911)

"I liked them on Facebook, but they didn't like me back" -Col. Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011)