The Choir Invisible are a four-piece pop band in Dublin. With shades of '60s French pop, jangly indie melody, shoegaze noise and the occasional suit, they've spent the past year making a name for themselves on the Irish live scene, as well as playing in the UK. Their singles have been spotted in Tokyo record shops, and have received occasional accolades from strange French websites.

They sing about escape and fantasy, about ticking time and about fast drives by clueless drivers at unreasonable hours. They have been featured on Dublin City FM, and a host of online radio shows and blogs. They sound like a dinner party in a bedsit with David Lynch.

The Choir Invisible are launching their new single, Changing My Spots, with a headline set Upstairs at Whelan's in Dublin on July 12th. Tickets are 6 and support comes from Connor Kelly and Amar Mahase. For full details, click here.

"Keep an ear out for this lot" - Irish Times

"They are actually an excellent band and their live shows are really of an impeccable high standard." -Twenty1ZeroMedia

"This band were clearly in love with their music and their individual instruments and there music was unique, gifted and powerful." -Kat Clinch,